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What's the Experience? 

This internship gives students the opportunity to see first hand what transpires in a Congressional office. Each intern serves in the office full time for the summer, spending time in the District Office and Washington, D.C. During the course of the 10 weeks, the intern participates fully in the duties of the office. Students are given the opportunity to attend committee hearings, session of the House and the Senate, and interact with other government agencies.

When Does The Internship Take Place? 

Internships are run on a 10 week schedule during the summer months. Please see the Apply page for more information and when the next round of applications will be accepted. 

How Are Interns Selected? 
Interns are selected based on academic performance, extracurricular activities, and a sincere interest in government. Computer and office skills are also a requirement for selection. All final candidates for internships will be interviewed by a member of the Association's Executive Committee and a member of the Congressman's staff. The selection of interns is made on a non-partisan basis.
Do Interns Get Paid? 

The internship is an educational opportunity. Interns will receive a weekly stipend for basic expenses for this internship experience.

Are You Eligible? 

Any undergraduate college student who is a resident of the 10th Congressional District of Pennsylvania is eligible to apply for an internship. They may be attending any college or university of their choice.

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