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2022 Interns

Jack Gallick
University of Pittsburgh 
Franklin Klinger
Millersville University 

2021 Interns 

“This internship gave me the perfect window into politics and government. The office does a great job exposing interns to every aspect of a congressional office. This helps identify strengths to push and weaknesses to work on. I’ve made some great connections in D.C. and the district as well.”

-Matthew Minkin

Matthew Minkin
Benedictine University
Jane Jurosky
Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) 

"This internship offers insight into the legislative process and allows you to obtain the satisfaction of working in public service. You get the opportunity to work with individuals that will guide you and prepare you for any career field."

-Jane Jurorsky

2020 Interns 

“Thank you to the Internship Association for providing the opportunity to understand the structural and governmental roots of this country at the federal level. I have learned about the minute details and important discussions, which contribute to helping every constituent. The experience has also offered insight into the many hardships and burdens that so many face in communities so close to mine, and illustrated hope and clarity in a country so full of chaos during an unprecedented time."

-Moxie Thompson 

Moxie Thompson
The Pennsylvania State
Louise Gebauer
Pepperdine University

"I’ve learned about all of the integral and important tasks undertaken by the people working for Congress and for the constituents of Pennsylvania, and I am honored to have been a part of this team. I had no idea a Congressional office handled the multitude of issues I have seen. Most surprisingly, the staff and the Congressman genuinely care about the constituents, and do everything they can to help them. Interning here has definitely restored some of my faith in the government, knowing that leaders in this country do care about the people they represent.  I am glad to have helped with projects and research, as well as helping constituents. Thank you for such a great internship experience!"

-Louise Gebauer

2019 Interns 

James Picture_edited.jpg

“This internship gave me the opportunity to grow professionally in new ways. In particular, I noticed my public speaking skills—and my comfort with speaking in public settings—improved substantially.”

-James McAllister

James McAllister
Liberty University

"Seeing firsthand the day-to-day concerns of our constituents brought to light the real-life concerns of the people and why we are employed in the first place. We are here to represent the people of this district that I call home.”

-Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross
Lock Haven University

2018 Interns 

Levi Gross
Cedarville University

I assure you that my time in D.C has been extremely educational. The positive elements of this internship have far outweighed the difficulties. I was lucky enough to visit the House floor and the Speaker’s Balcony. I will never forget those moments and I felt honored to be able to have the opportunity to experience such things.


Karly Matthews
Temple University
Karly Matthews.jpg

I knew that I wanted to go into politics and knew that internships were a way to get my foot in the door, but I almost expected to be mainly shredding paper and doing small research projects. Through this internship, I have learned to be a better listener, to be more empathetic, and to problem-solve.


Kate Risser.jpg

Being able to give back to the constituency I grew up in is so special. I really appreciate how this internship is so hands on. I genuinely feel valued and am grateful to be given the opportunity to help the people of the District. Even as an intern, I am amazed with how much I can help people.


Kate Risser
Pennsylvania State University
Nick Shields
York College of Pennsylvania

The experience thus far in Washington DC has been nothing but positive. In addition to helping constituents across the district, I get to help create a good experience for whomever visits the Capitol.


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